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Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki Festival

Event Name  :  Jumuia ya Afrika Mashariki Festival
Dates           :  22nd to 29th September, 2019
Location       :  Dar re Salam Tanzania
Participating Countries : Host Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda


One of the Kenyan cultural dance during the JAMAFEST held in Uganda in the year 2017

The performances will include Music, Dance and Movements, Poetry Story Telling, Drama, Acrobatics, Stage Plays, Comedy, Children’s Games.


Food and Beverages

Literary Works and Publications




Design and Fashion

Discussions and Symposium

This will focus on dialogue promotion and learning among discussants and participants. The discussions will be based on the festival theme, sub – themes and the contribution of cultural creative industries regionally and globally. Specifically, the areas of discussion shall be based on the selected sub – themes of the festival. The sub – themes and corresponding Partner States to prepare abstracts and papers are;

1. Cultural Diversity as a Driver of Regional Economic Growth (Key Note) (Republic of Uganda)
2. Cultural Tourism and Regional Economic Development (United Republic of Tanzania)
3. Cultural Diversity and the Empowerment of Women, Youth and children (Republic of Burundi)
4. Persons with Disabilities and Cultural Diversity for Regional Integration (Republic of Kenya)
5. Policy and Regulatory Frameworks for the Promotion of Culture and Creative Industries (Republic of South Sudan)
6. Kiswahili language as a catalyst for Regional Integration (Republic of Rwanda)

Traditional Games

The EAC region is rich in popular traditional games. This will be an opportunity for these activities to be showcased during the festival. These games include bao, wrestling, Tug of war (kuvuta kamba), and sack race among others.

Children’s Activities

There will be a variety of children’s games and activities that will involve playing, painting, drawing, sculpture, singing, drumming, dancing, drama, poetry, poem, and debate and essay competition based on the selected themes. The essay themes shall be communicated to selected schools prior to the festival among the Partner States.
Excursions, Tours and Adventures

Festival participants will visit cultural and historical sites. Selected personnel from Partner States will visit selected national parks and be exposed to Mt. Kilimanjaro. There shall be a special award for the Partner States that will manage to reach the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro.


There will be an exhibition and trade fair for participating entrepreneurs to sale their products geared towards economic empowerment.

Film, Video and Documentary Screening

This will be a platform for EAC film practitioners to expand their film market as well as to engage and cooperate with their counterparts. There will be specific days for documentary, film, and video shows for each member country. There shall be also a specific day for East African Community films awards to the best film based on the quality and promotion of cultural tourism.

Arms of the Government

   The Executive
   The Judiciary
   The Parliamnet

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Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage, Kencom House,
P. O. Box 49849-00100 Kenya
E-mail: pssports@sportsheritage.go.ke,
            psheritage@sportsheritage.go.ke and

Telephone: Tel. +254 020 2251164