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The commission was formed through Kenya Gazette notice No. 2132 of April 1988. It was mandated to implement the report of a task force established to look into the development and preservation of music and dance in Kenya, covering the areas of music education, music research, music in the media, music performances, musicians’ rights and obligations and preservation and conservation of the music and heritage of Kenya, among others.
The commission aspires to develop music from a purely entertainment sector to an economically viable and dynamic music and dance industry that makes a substantial contribution to the social, economic and political development of Kenya.
The core functions of the Commission include:
i. To guide, regulate and co-ordinate music related activities in the country;
ii. To identify, nurture and promote music and dance talent in the country;
iii. To document, conserve, preserve and disseminate the music and dance heritage of Kenya;
iv. To promote and develop relevant and quality music and dance entertainment programmes during state, national days and presidential functions;
v. To encourage and co-ordinate the study of Kenyan music and dance as means of promoting the developing Kenya cultural heritage;
vi. To oversee the articulation and protection of music rights, privileges and obligations; and
vii. To spearhead the promotion of Kenyan music and dance locally and internationally and to provide consultancy services to the public and private sector.

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   The Parliamnet

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