Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya

National Anti-Doping Organization is the entity designated by each country as possessing the primary authority and responsibility to adopt and implement Anti-Doping Rules, direct the collection of samples, the management of test results, and the conduct of hearings at the national level and where this designation has not been made by the competent public authorities, the entity shall be the country’s National Olympic Committee or its design

  • Functions
  • Promote participation in sport, free from doping in order to protect the health and well-being of competitors and the rights of all persons who take part in sport
  • Create awareness in order to discourage the practice of doping in sport among the public and the sporting community in particular
  • Oversee the processes of the committee and Carry out investigations in matters of doping in sports
  • Undertake, co-ordinate or arrange for research to be undertaken in the field of performance-enhancing substances and methods and doping practices in sport;
  • Promote and implement the application of various guidelines and international standards in matters related to anti-doping
  • Implement anti-doping activities in the country including the testing of collected samples in all sports, sport federations and sport organisations
  • Develop a national strategy to address doping in sport in collaboration with the ministry
  • Implement the world anti-doping code and associated international standards
  • Periodically gazette international standards
  • Use world anti-doping agency accredited laboratories for analysis of samples and other required specimen
  • Purpose

The purpose of this Act is to give effect to the World Anti-Doping Code and the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization Convention Against Doping in Sport in order to: protect the fundamental right of athletes to participate in sports activities that are free from doping; and put in place coordinated and effective mechanisms to detect, deter and prevent the use of prohibited substances or prohibited methods in competitive and recreational sport with the aim of ensuring fairness and equity in sporting activities and promoting the health of athletes globally.

  • National Anti Doping Act