Appointment of Independent Elections Panel and Notice of Elections for Cricket Kenya





19th Jan 2022



On the 16th of March, 2021 the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage Amb. (Dr.) Amina Mohamed, EGH, CAV appointed the Cricket Normalization Committee to lead an all-inclusive process that would see return of normalcy in the Sport of cricket in Kenya.

The mandate of the Committee is to:

    1. Coordinate the finalization of the Draft Constitution and ensure its validation in line with the requirements of the Sports Act 2013 and the International Cricket Council (ICC) Statutes;
    2. Ensure smooth running of Cricket Kenya’s operations including team preparations for local and international events;
    3. Coordinate and facilitate the compliance of Cricket Kenya to the ICC requirements;
    4. Facilitate the election of new officials as per the validated Constitution;
    5. Hand over Cricket Kenya to newly elected officials after a successful election;
    6. Recommend to the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Culture and Heritage long lasting solutions to the problems facing Cricket Kenya;

Since it’s inauguration, the Committee has achieved key milestones as stipulated in its mandate. First, to ensure finalization of the draft constitution, the Committee reviewed existing documents, mapped, and engaged all Cricket stakeholders including players, umpires and scorers, the International Cricket Council, former officials of Cricket Kenya, Regional Cricket Sports Organizations and Cricket Sports Clubs previously registered by the Registrar of Societies, Cricket Kenya staff, Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies. The draft constitution was submitted to the stakeholders for comments and views. The draft constitution was eventually validated on 22nd October 2021.

Second, the Committee has also ensured smooth running of Cricket Kenya’s operations including national team preparations for local and international events. Notably, when the Committee took over, very little women’s cricket was being played in the Country. With the support of the Cabinet Secretary for Sports, Amb. (Dr) Amina Mohamed, the Principal Secretary and well-wishers, the Committee has distributed equipment to clubs which had expressed interest to participate in the Women’s league. Currently, the Women’s National Team is in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, participating for the first time ever in the 2022 Commonwealth Games Qualifiers. The Committee hopes that what it has began will be sustained beyond its tenure.

Ladies and Gentlemen

To ensure elections, take place under the new Cricket Kenya Constitution, on 25th November 2021 the Cricket Normalization Committee invited all interested parties to register with the Registrar of Sports. The Committee further visited various counties across the country to ascertain the Cricket activities going on in those counties as well as support and facilitate the interested individuals to register. The facilitation included; distribution of application forms, sensitization on the requirements of registration as well as linking them to the Registrar of Sports. I am pleased to note that out of this process 17 applications were received by the Registrar to be registered either as clubs or Cricket County Associations. These are:

  1. Mombasa County Cricket Association
  2. Kiambu Cricket Association
  3. Machakos Cricket Association
  4. Homabay Cricket Association
  5. Kajiado Cricket Association
  6. Kirinyaga Cricket Association
  7. Laikipia Cricket Association
  8. Wanderers Cricket Club
  9. Siaya County Cricket Association
  10. Murang’a County Cricket Association
  11. Nakuru County Cricket Association
  12. Vihiga County Cricket Association
  13. Kwale County Cricket Association
  14. Kilifi County Cricket Association
  15. Kisumu County Cricket Association
  16. Obuya Cricket Academy
  17. Kakamega County Cricket Association

Out of these applications, the Sports Registrar has reviewed, analyzed, and registered the following

  1. Kiambu Cricket Association
  2. Homabay Cricket Association
  3. Kajiado Cricket Association
  4. Kirinyaga Cricket Association
  5. Laikipia Cricket Association
  6. Wanderers Cricket Club
  7. Siaya County Cricket Association
  8. Kwale County Cricket Association
  9. Kilifi County Cricket Association
  10. Kisumu County Cricket Association

Most of the remaining applications are being analyzed and the applicants are in constant communication with the Registrar to address the issues that may have been raised. The Registration process is continuous and therefore the Committee encourages any other interested parties to apply.

Following these developments, the Cricket Normalization Committee wishes to notify Cricket Kenya stakeholders and the public that; pursuant to Article 23.6 (a) of the Cricket Kenya Constitution (2021), notice of election for office bearers is hereby issued. The elections will be held on Saturday 26th February 2022 at Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani from00am.

Further, the Committee wishes to notify Cricket Kenya stakeholders and the public that pursuant to Article 23.6 (b) of the Cricket Kenya Constitution (2021) and the Sports Registrar’s Regulations (2016) regulation 20 paragraph (2) (a) it has appointed the following individuals as Chairperson and members of the Independent Elections Panel with effect from 15th January 2022 to 15th March 2022:

  1. Kenneth Wayne Mutuma- Chairperson
  2. Marcela Sinda-Secretary
  3. Omore Osendo-Member
  4. Lujain Abbas-Member
  5. Fatuma Abdullahi-Member
  6. Stephen Owino-Member
  7. Fred Majimbo Luganda-Member

The Independent Elections Panel is mandated to:

  1. Conduct Cricket Kenya elections.
  2. Ensure compliance with the Sports Act and other relevant laws, Cricket Kenya Constitution (2021) and the Cricket Kenya Electoral code in ensuring a free and fair Cricket Kenya Election.
  3. Receive and Vet applications for all candidates vying during the Cricket Kenya elections in accordance with the Cricket Kenya Constitution and the Cricket Kenya Elections code.
  4. Announce and declare the duly elected officials of Cricket Kenya.
  5. Submit a report to the Sports Registrar and Normalization Committee within 7 days upon completion of the exercise.

The Independent Elections Panel will in due cause share the calendar of its activities with public

Hon. Lady Justice Joyce Aluoch EBS, CBS (Rtd.) Judge.




Signed Notice of Elections

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