Koobi Fora Prehistoric Site
The Jade Sea is an area of great importance in terms of human culture. It is possible to visit the..
Storymoja Festival
The Story Moja festival was founded on the idea of being East Africa’s number one story festival.This festival exists to share cultural stories and ideas of the advancement of African writers.
Rusinga Cultural Festival
This festival takes place each year at Rusinga island. Rusinga Island is found in Lake Victoria. The main aim of this 2-day cultural event in celebration of the Abasuba culture.
Lamu Museum
Lamu Museums are located in the North Coast, a World Heritage Site and one of the most beautiful & serene place on earth
Africa Nouveau Festival
Africa Nouveau Festival is a festival that was born out of the popular Blankets and Wine
Gede Ruins And Museum
Gede ruins are remains of a Swahili town. It traces its origin to the Twelfth Century and was rebuilt with new town walls in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries.
Fort Jesus
Fort Jesus is an interesting place to spend a day exploring the gun turrets, battlements and houses within the walls.
Lamu Cultural Festival
Kenyans come together to celebrate both the past, future, the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of this community in the lovely enchanting island of Lamu
Dedan Kimathi Monument
Dedan Kimathi Wachiuri was a leader of the Mau Mau uprising against the British colonial government in Kenya
Luhya Cultural Activities
The rite of passage from childhood to adulthood of the Bukusu ethnic group a sub-tribe of the Luhya community.
Lake Turkana Festival
The event features unique performances and demonstrations of ten different ethnic communities which live in the Lake Turkana region.
Siyu Fort
Siyu is the only town that built a fort of its own, unlike Mombasa and Lamu where the forts were put up by foreigners.
Mombasa Carnival
The festival occurs in November features multicultural floats, music, dance performances and colourful parades with people in amazing costumes.
Koroga Festival
Koroga Festival is a unique cultural event in Kenya that celebrates African music, art, food, and fashion. photo:mpasho
Uhuru Gardens
This is where the first Kenyan flag was first raised and thus marking the very first year of independence on the 12th December 1963.
Blankets & Wine Festival
Blankets & Wine festival introduces you to the Kenyan urban culture. This cultural event gives you an opportunity to enjoy live music and fine wine in a picnic-like setting.
Jumba la Mtwana
The full name Jumba la Mtwana means in Swahili “the large house of the slave”. Within this area four mosques, a tomb and four houses have survived in recognizable condition.

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Lamu Old Town

The World Heritage Committee inscribed Lamu Old Town on the UNESCO World Heritage List in

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Fort Jesus

The World Heritage Committee inscribed Fort Jesus on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2001

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