Department of Culture

Welcome to the Department of Culture! We are delighted that you have joined us, and we trust that you will immensely benefit from your membership on this page.

 A vibrant, cohesive Kenyan society that thrives and prides in the richness of her cultural diversity.

To promote, preserve, revitalize, and develop Kenya’s diverse cultural heritage for appreciation, national cohesion and for sustainable development

  1. The promotion, revitalization and development of all aspects of culture. These include performing, visual arts, languages indigenous health, nutrition, environment, and oral traditions; and,
  2. Education, information and research on all aspects of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
  1. Advise the government on cultural matters.
  2. Set policy standards to guide the development of cultural programmes
  3. Develop national cultural infrastructure and actively engage in the promotion, preservation and development of culture, in collaboration with other likeminded government agencies, County governments, and local communities based on the principles of Free Prior and Informed Consent.
  4. Coordinate the documentation of national cultural inventories, and support cultural programmes and events
  5. Promote the use of Kiswahili, sign and indigenous languages in Kenya.
  6. Coordinate safeguarding of Kenya’s intangible cultural heritage and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions
  7. Conduct capacity building for county governments, and disseminating cultural information.
  8. Coordinate and facilitate cultural exchange programmes for groups and individuals
  9. Liaise with cultural offices and Offer technical support for cultural development programmes
  10. Register cultural groups, associations and agencies

While our Department has been playing some of the key roles in promotion of cultural integration, formulation of policies and standards that will guide the development of culture, Kenyan identity and social cohesion, both at the national and international levels, little information has been available to the Kenyan public. The Constitution of Kenya 2010 recognizes culture as the foundation of the nation and as the cumulative civilization of the Kenyan people and nation. Article 11 of the Constitution commits the government to promote all forms national and cultural expressions through literature, the arts, traditional celebrations, science, communication, information, mass media, publications, libraries and other heritage.
In accordance with the above constitutional responsibilities, our Department wishes to use this platform to disseminate information, and open up an online forum, where all Kenyans can contribute towards realisation of our shared dreams and aspirations; our pride in ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity, and the determination to live in peace and unity, as one indivisible and sovereign nation.
It is therefore our intention to briefly share the history, vision, mission, core functions and mandate which are bestowed upon the Department of Culture; one of the Departments under the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage.
The Department of Culture was formed under a Presidential Directive of 1980 with the responsibility to coordinate all cultural activities in the country. The Department is involved in the promotion of cultural cooperation locally, regionally and internationally. The Department aims at promoting rich cultural values in the local and international fraternity. This approach would help to promote progressive cultural trends while discarding dysfunctional practices.
In its’ service delivery, the Department aspires to exploit the cultural diversity to help reduce ethnocentrism, and tribal prejudices so that every culture will contribute vitally and uniquely for a better quality of life for all Kenyans. The Department therefore, will work towards restoration of a national pride through nationally instigated programmes.
It is our hope that you will find this page as invaluable and that you will share it widely within your social networks.

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