Permanent Presidential Music Commission

The Permanent Presidential Music Commission (PPMC) is a government department whose mandate is to coordinate music and dance activities in the country and spearhead the development of the same from mere entertainment activities into a stable industry. The commission was formed through Kenya Gazette notice No. 2132 of April 1988.It was mandated to implement the report of a task force established to look into the development and preservation of music and dance in Kenya, covering the areas of music education, music research, music in the media, music performances, musicians’ rights and obligations and preservation and conservation of the music and heritage of Kenya, among others.

To be a dynamic and excellent centre for the promotion and development of music and dance.

To promote the development and practice of music and dance; spearhead the growth and development of the music industry contribute to the understanding and preservation of Kenyan musical arts and expressions

The Commission operates under the core values of service, accessibility, compatibility, non-infringement of rights, good corporate governance, respect, creativity, nationalism and equality.