Experience Culture; Kikuyu Bridal Ceremony


Roracio; When a boy finds a girl he is interested in he cannot tell her directly that he loves her. As Jomo Kenyatta points out that “if the boy told her directly that he loves her or display his devotion to her in public, as this would be regarded by the Gikuyu as impolite and uncultured” (Kenyatta 1978, 165). Therefore the boy tells two or so of his best friends and they decide to pay a visit to the girl’s home. One of the boy’s friends engages the girl in dialogue. Eventually, the boy asks the girl “we are looking for a homestead for adoption.” At this time the girl objects and asks who wants to be adopted and the boy points to one interested. This conversing in dialogue can happen up to three to four visits. If the girl is interested she will say she is willing to adopt; however it is up to the parents for the ceremonial side.

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