Guidelines for guests and spectators’ attendance at the WRC Safari Rally Kenya 2021


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Press statements: 22nd June 2021


This year’s Safari Rally event will take place from Thursday 24th June 2021 to Sunday 27th June 2021 in Nakuru County and will be managed from the Kenya Wildlife Service Training Institute (KWSTI) where the Service Park is located. The return of this iconic event is eagerly anticipated by Kenyans after 19 years of absence from the World Rally Championships circuit.

The Safari Rally is at the heart of our national heritage. It embodies the spirit of our people to excel even in the toughest circumstances. The profile of this event identifies Kenya’s capacity as a top tourist destination. It will converge more than 825 million viewers and online games participants on Safari play station and global television viewership. We also expect to attract more than 1.5 billion online impressions making this event truly unique. It is estimated that this event will have a direct injection of approximately 6B Kenya Shillings in the form of foreign currency into the country.

The Safari Rally is part of the Kenyan fabric and a nostalgic reminder of Yester years’ Easter Holiday celebrations weaving our communal ties as a country. It is also a significant opportunity to showcase Kenya as a great sporting nation.

As we welcome the top global car manufacturers, rally teams, drivers, and motorsport fans, we also invite all our guests to visit and enjoy the warm hospitality of our people and Kenya’s breathtaking countryside.

The Safari Rally is open to the public who will be permitted to access the following spectator stages:

  1. 23rd June 2021 – Loldia (Shakedown)
  2. 23rd June 2021 – Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani, Super Special Stage
  3. 25th June 2021 – Kedong Ranch
  4. 26th June 2021 – Soysambu Conservancy
  5. 26th June 2021 – Sleeping Warrior
  6. 27th June 2021 – Hell’s Gate

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage has also developed a detailed spectator guide, which is publicly available for download at We urge members of the public who wish to attend the rally to fully familiarize themselves with the guide.

Rally attendees will be required to access the spectator stages two (2) hours before the start of the races. We urge attendees to adhere to the security protocols governing the event. Spectators will be allowed into the stages in groups of up to a maximum of 20 per designated spectating area.

Entertainment clubs and pubs will be closed at 7 pm in line with the existing COVID-19 Protocols. Partying and dancing in the spectator zones and by the roadside will be strictly prohibited.

Parking areas have been provided at the spectator areas. Members of the public will be required to STRICTLY follow the guidelines provided by the traffic police and the stage marshals.

Members of the public attending the Safari Rally MUST adhere to all the Covid-19 Ministry of Health Protocols and Regulations. All Guests and spectators will be expected to wear masks at all times, continuously sanitize, hand wash and maintain social distancing at all times. Safety and security marshals will strictly enforce the observance of these regulations.

Drivers, rally navigators and immediate technical personnel will operate from the exclusive High-Density Area of the Service Park which is zoned-off and inaccessible to guests, spectators, and members of the public.

Motorists are advised to strictly observe traffic laws.

Amb. (Dr.) Amina Mohamed, EGH, CAV


Issued at the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage Headquarters on 22nd June 2021.

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