Maulidi Festival


Lamu annually hosts the Maulidi historical festival which has become a permanent feature of Islamic activities. The Lamu Maulidi celebrations bring together thousands of Muslims across East Africa, Middle East and other parts of the world as they celebrate the birth of Prophet Mohammed which is a long celebration in every third month of the Muslim calendar. Since the 1990s the National Museum of Kenya has sponsored the event in Lamu and organized various community-building competitions such as swimming, dhow and donkey races, henna competitions and tug of war. The uniquely Swahili music, dance and culture in Lamu are unlike any other since this island is rich in culture, history and traditions hence why East African Muslims choose Lamu to visit and observe this special time. It’s a wonderful experience as one gets to see the colourful and energetic procession and crowds reciting qasidas prayers together.

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