Projects & Service

The Ministry’s departments include Sports, Office of the Sports Registrar, Sports Disputes Tribunal, Department of Culture, Music, Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services, Library Services, Records Management, and the Arts .The Support units will comprise the following Administration, Finance, Accounts, Central Planning and Project Monitoring Unit, Human Resource Management, Human Resource Development, Public Communications Office, Records Management Unit, ICT Unit, Legal Unit, Internal Audit, Supply Chain Management, and Aids Control Unit.

The sports department deals with provision of guidelines on establishment of sports federations. Write recommendations for issuance of visas to sports teams, write recommendation to the treasury on waiver of taxes on sports goods, provide funding to eligible sports teams to participate in competition, provide guidelines on talent search and provide counseling and advisory services to sportsmen/women. It also deals with registration of sports organizations and multi-sports bodies at national levels and licensing of professional sports and sports persons within 30 days on application. It acts as arbitration of sports disputes on request a three-month period

Department of culture and heritage will advise the government on cultural matters, dissemination of cultural information, conducting capacity building for county governments, coordination and facilitate cultural exchange programmes for groups and individuals, offer technical support for cultural development programmes and register cultural groups, associations and agencies. Handle development of national cultural infrastructure, coordinate safeguarding of Kenya ‘s intangible cultural heritage and promotion of the diversity of cultural expressions with communities willing to share information on their cultural heritage, setting policy standards to guide county cultural development programmes, coordination of national cultural programmes and events. Documentation of national cultural inventories and promotion of Swahili, sign and indigenous languages

The department of library will be lending and receiving back information materials with library membership and compliance with library rules and regulations. Registration of new users will have to fill application form have letter of introduction for public servants and id or passport. Provision of reference service (electronic) for user query and user to provide e- mail address or telephone contact. Provision of reference service has to be physically present. Information retrieval and dissemination. Selective dissemination of information (SDI) through registration for the service, completed user profile form and provide e-mail or telephone contact. The department will current awareness service, reprographic service (photocopying and printing), access to online data bases, provision of research facilities with written request and subscription fee. The provision of consultancy service/technical assistance and translation of text to braille. Records management will give technical advice to ministries and departments on creation, maintenance, use and management of public records and capacity building and sensitization in proper records management

Kenya national archives will examine public records and advice on the care, preservation, custody and control, avail published indexes and guides to calendars and texts of all public archives authenticate copies of and extracts from public archives, lend any public archives for display at commemorative exhibition or for other special purposes and issuance of research permits for preserved archival records

It will also authorize for destruction of valueless public records, digitizing of documents, retrieve audiovisual material (photographs and maps). Give access to group visits to the archival sections and entry to the Murumbi gallery. It will spearhead conservation and restoration services through binding, salvage of wet documents and de-acidification and repair of documents