Where is the ministry located?

Second Floor, Kencom House, Nairobi Central Business District.

What are the functions of the Ministry?

  • Develop, promote and coordinate sports facilities & spearhead the expansion of the sports industry
  • To promote the national culture policy; heritage policy and management;
  • To promote the national archives and public records management
  • To promote Library Service, and To promote research and conservation of Music.

What is the national sports fund for?

The main goal for establishing the Fund is to raise funds to facilitate growth and development of the sports industry in the country. In addition, the funds will be used to train the necessary sports personnel and support the cash award scheme for the purpose of enhancing competitiveness among the country’s sports men and women.

What are your contacts?

Telephone: Tel. +254 020 2251164 Email csoffice@sportsheritage.go.ke

what are the departments in the ministry?

The Ministry’s departments include Sports, Office of the Sports Registrar, Sports Disputes Tribunal, Department of Culture, Music, Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services, Library Services, Records Management .Administration, Finance, Accounts, Central Planning and Project Monitoring Unit, Human Resource Management, Human Resource , Public Communications Office, Records Management Unit, ICT Unit, Legal Unit, Internal Audit, Supply Chain Management, and Aids Control Unit.

What are its semi-Autonomous Government Agencies

Sports Kenya, Kenya Academy of Sports, National Sports Fund, National Museums of Kenya, Kenya Cultural Centre, Kenya Film Commission, Kenya Film Classification Board and the Kenya National Library Service. Others include National Heroes Council, Anti-Doping Agency Kenya and Natural Products Industry Agency.