Rhino Charge


Rhino Charge is an exciting off road car rally that is held to raise money for conservation of the Aberdares Forest. There’s a choice of risky direct route or a safer less direct route, and spectators can even camp to ensure they catch the action from as possible. Anyone who loves to race off road would definitely enjoy the Rhino Charge

This unique off-road car rally is held every year to raise money for conservation of the Aberdare Ecosystem. The Aberdares National Park is a sanctuary for the endangered Black Rhino and an important water catchment area providing water to the Tana and Athi rivers, Kenya’s main rivers. The Aberdares is a hidden world of wildlife; its thick vegetation provides perfect cover for countless species.

A variety of vehicles aim to reach designated checkpoints scattered over approximately 100 square kms of rough terrain in the shortest distance possible. During the rally, teams have to make the decision between taking a safer, wider route or taking a riskier more direct route. The teams must then plot the control points on the map and decide their route. Navigation is by compass or GPS and the winner is the competitor who visits all controls in the shortest distance, GPS measured.

Hundreds of spectators head into the bush to watch the event, setting up campsites and starting off early to get to the Gauntlet (a combination of 2 or 3 checkpoints that invariably involve water crossings and other difficult obstacles).

If you are visiting Kenya – the Rhino Charge is a must see event. The funds raised from the Charge go directly to Rhino Ark, a conservation charity working to fence Kenya’s Arberdare Forest, affording protection to endangered species and habitat.

The Rhino Charge is a truly unique event, both sporting and social.

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