100m for Artists, Actors & Musicians Stimulus Programme

Nyayo National Stadium Sports Murals

Sports Kenya will be involved in this beatification project of the Nyayo National Stadium to celebrate Kenya’s sports heroes. We call on Artist for the production of murals of Kenyan sports heroes, to be displayed along the perimeter wall of the Nyayo National Stadium.

Musicians & Dancers

The Permanent Presidential Music Commission was mandated to spearhead the work for pay program that will provide equal opportunities to VJs/DJs, bands and acapella performing groups, dancers and pop musicians.

Mural Artworks

The National Museums of Kenya will be involved with vulnerable visual artists to create educative public visual artworks associated with COVID 19 and its effects.


The Kenya Film Commission in line with its mandate and the directive by H.E the President of the Republic of Kenya would like to support the local filmmakers by cushioning them from the negative economic impact of COVID-19.

Visual Artists & Comedians

The Department of Culture in the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage is tasked as one of the agencies to spearhead the distribution and operation of the 100 million economic stimulus programme for artists as outlined in the presidential directive.

Theatrical Artist

The Kenya Cultural Centre will spearhead the theatre programme will provide an opportunity for artists to record and disseminate their theatrical content ranging from plays, poetry, spoken word, radio theatre, percussions and mime through the social media, radio and television.