Mural Artworks

Development of Educative Public Artworks on Covid -19 and Related Effects By Vulnerable Visual Artist Groups in Kenya in Advancing their Wellness

The National Museums of Kenya will be involved with vulnerable visual artists to create educative public visual artworks associated with Corvid 19 and its effects. This will, in turn, educate the public now and in the future about the pandemic and reinforce the economic status of the artists, their families and the community at large. NMK will work in collaboration with the government registered Kenya National Visual Artists Association (KNVAA) to select the artists to be involved in this project.

Entry Requirements

This call is open ONLY to visual artist groups registered with any government body.

  • CRITERION: All registered Visual Artist Groups that fall under catergories
    such as:
    • Live and work in the informal settlements
    • Persons with disabilities
    • Youth/Women/Marginalized persons.
  • WORK MEDIA: Limited to educative MURALS on COVID 19 (A mural is a large artwork
    usually executed on a wall).
  • All artist groups should be based in the regions where they propose to execute the
  • All participating artists must observe the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization regulations in
    combating the COVID 19 spread.
  • Selected artist groups will be notified on 15th June 2020.
  • Submissions will be juried, meaning that not all artist groups submitting are
    guaranteed to be selected.
  • Cost of materials and artists stipend shall be taken care of by the project.
  • All publicity shall be made through approved channels through the Ministry of Sports,
    Culture and Heritage.
  • Artist must comply with all copyright laws and regulations when working.
  • Vulnerable groups are encouraged to apply

Submission of Works


The application form can be downloaded from:


The project will run for 3 months from May to July 2020


The deadline for submissions is 3rd June 2020.


All submissions should be uploaded to or fill the Form Below

Important Notice

  1. One Technical Assistant (T.A) from Kenya National Visual Artists Association
    (KNVAA) will be assigned to each region to oversee the project and liaise between the selected artist groups and the National Museums of Kenya
  2. All artist group leaders are expected to abide by all the requirements listed in this
    document; to manage and ensure their projects are well executed and delivered on time.