Theatrical Artists

Kenya Cultural Centre Stimulus Programme for Theatrical Artist

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage launched the “Work for Pay” Kshs. 100 million stimulus package for artists, actors and musicians. The programme under the ‘TOGETHER AT HOME’ campaign by spearheaded by several Government Agencies and Departments, as stipulated by the Regulations establishing the Sports, Arts and Social Development Fund seeks to support artists whose artistic productions will be carried through various assets set up by the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage such as “KULTURE TV” and other collaborative media outlets.

The Kenya Cultural Centre being one of the government agencies selected to spearhead the theatre program will provide an opportunity for artists to record and disseminate their theatrical content ranging from plays, poetry, spoken word, radio theatre, percussions and mime through the social media, radio and television. The project also seeks to help theatre artists earn a living and to entertain Kenyans and the world during these trying times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Conditions of Acceptance

  • All upcoming and professional artist(s) or artistic group having theatrical work satisfying the criteria of the program, can register for participation.
  • Artists to register directly through the Kenya Cultural Centre.
  • The theatrical works include; plays, poetry, spoken word, radio theatre, percussions and mime.
  • Artist(s) or theatre groups/companies have to send the following documents via email to; Synopsis of the work, the creative components and high quality audio and/or video. The video can be shot using the mobile phone. The application form is available at
  • For Radio theatre shows, artist(s) or groups will be required to send at least a 3 minutes demo. The demo can also be recorded on mobile phone.
  • All group performances are limited to five (5) people.
  • The Artists should not have any other full time job.
  • This call is open to all Kenya artists in the following regions and artists are encouraged to use local languages
  • Performances in English will also be accepted but with a very limited number.
  • All selected artists and performances will be paid after the production is shot.
  • All performances will be disseminated for free through all social media platforms, radio and TV among others.
  • The project will run for a period of three months.
  • Additional value will be given to those performances, which, by their dramatic features, can be comprehended by the audience in spite of the language of performance.
  • Any situation that might arise and is not covered within these rules will be decided by the project managers.
  • The project reserves the right to allocate time and place of performances and artist(s) or groups will not have the privilege of requesting changes.

Criteria for a performance to be accepted

  1. The complete show should be at least 5 minutes and must not exceed 60 minutes.
  2. The performance should exhibit artistic aspects in accordance to the habits and customs of each region so as to create a good perception to the audience.
  3. Accepted performances will be shot on stage and programmed by the Kenya Cultural Centre. Therefore, all selected performances should keep their schedules open for the entire duration of the project.
  4. The project will provide shooting space and necessary logistics in collaboration with the group’s management.
  5. The performance has to be in the following categories;
    1. Plays,
    2. Poetry,
    3. Spoken-word,
    4. Radio theatre,
    5. Percussions and
    6. Mime
  6. All selected teams will be communicated to via email, phone call or text messages.

Submission of Works

  • If you have difficulty answering any question, please do not hesitate to contact us via the contacts provided on the website.
  • Duly filled form to be submitted via email;
The Deadline for submissions is 3rd June 2020.