Surdolimpíadas and XPlay TV sign contract for official transmission of the games


The 24th edition of the Summer Deaflympics will take place from May 1st to 15th in Caxias do Sul. It is the first time that the third largest Olympic event in the world will be held in a Latin American city. Approximately 7 thousand people, representing 92 countries, are expected to participate this year.

XPlay TV will be responsible for the live broadcasting of the games and the generation of the official content. The contract signed between the Organizing Committee and the company from Caxias do Sul establishes the creation of Deaflympics TV by XPlay, a channel via streaming that will be launched to cover the event and will be 100% free of charge. In addition, the communication project includes the APP Media Center which will concentrate all the content generated, including access to Arenas View, a live camera platform with real-time images from all the competition arenas.

Check out more details in the report on the signing of the contract between Surdolympics and XPlay TV, with interviews with the president of ICSD, Gustavo Perazzolo, the CEO of the Organizing Committee, Richard Douglas Ewald, and the CEO of XPlay, Fabiano André Vergani.


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