The Ministry of Sports, Culture & Heritage

The Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage was established through the Executive Order No. 2 “Organization of the Government of the Republic of Kenya dated May 2013”.It comprises of departments of Sports, Office of the Sports Registrar, Culture, Permanent Presidential Music Commission, Kenya National Archives and Documentation Services, Library Services, Records Management, The Arts Services.

There are also Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies (SAGAs) namely Sports Kenya, Kenya Academy of Sports, National Sports Fund, National Museums of Kenya, Kenya Cultural Centre, and the Kenya National Library Service. Others include National Heroes Council, Anti-Doping Agency Kenya

To be a global leader in the provision of sports, arts and cultural services and promotion of the Kenyan film industry for sustainable growth and employment creation.

To develop, promote, preserve and disseminate Kenya’s cultural and arts heritage; promotion of sports; through formation and implementation of policies, programmes and projects for improved livelihood of the Kenyan people.

Our Mandate


Develop, promote and coordinate sports facilities & spearhead the expansion of the sports industry.


Develop, promote & coordinate research, copyrights and conservation of Culture

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Develop, promote & coordinate the national culture policy, heritage policy and its management


Promote the national archives, public records management and promote Library Service

Our Values

Appreciation of diversity

We recognize and value the diversity of our cultural and national heritage

Customer focus

  Committed to upholding the highest standards in our service delivery.


 We are committed to acting in an honest, impartial, fair and transparent.

Creativity and Innovation

We encourage & facilitate creativity, innovative performance &  change.

Participatory Approach

We seek the views of and involve stakeholders in all our programmes

Ministry Leadership

Amb. Dr. Amina Mohamed

CS, Sports, Culture & Heritage

Hassan Noor Hassan, EBS

CAS, Sports, Culture and Heritage

Joe R. Okudo, CBS

Permanent Secretary, Sports

Josephta Mukobe, CBS

PS, Culture & Heritage